8. Kastelli Symposium

Thursday, November 15, 2012 to Friday, November 16, 2012

"New Challenges for Northern Environmental Research"

Venue: POHTO, Oulu. Address: Vellamontie 12 (Hietasaari).

The 8th International Kastelli Symposium is organised by Thule Institute, University of Oulu in a co-operation with University of the Arctic's Thematic Network on Health and Well-being in the Arctic. The Symposium will focus on new and emerging research questions related to the northern and environmental research.

This symposium will also be a kick off for a new four-year research programme for Thule Institute’s research groups. The research projects cover global and environmental change, sustainable technology, resource use and efficiency, health and well-being, and societal change.


Sessions of the symposium are:
1) Health and Well-being in Circumpolar World
2) Climate Change and Life in Changing Northern Hemisphere
3) Sustainability and Environmental Technology
4) Security in a Changing World

More information:
Scientific content: Prof. Kari Strand, tel. +358 (0)294 483556, mobile +358 (0)40 7257025, email: kari.strand(at)oulu.fi
Practical issues: Planner Anna-Liisa Mannermaa, tel. +358 (0)294 487555, email: anna-liisa.mannermaa(at)oulu.fi

Welcome to the Kastelli Symposium!

A PhD training course "Security in Changing World" will be held in Oulu 12-14 November 2012, proceeding the Symposium. Information about the course can be found at the website.


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