Arja Rautio

Research professor

Arja Rautio, research professor, MD, PhD, ERT, has been working in field of circumpolar health and well-being since 2006. She is leading a PhD graduate program in the Thule Institute, different research projects and international Master’s program of Circumpolar Health and Well-being, and the thematic network of Health and well-being in the Arctic in the University of the Arctic. Her research focuses on environmental health, social exclusion and Indigenous health and well-being.

Arja Rautio is the leader of Health WP in EU7PW-ArcRisk research project (Arctic Health Risks: Impacts on health in the Arctic and Europe owing to climate-induced changes in contaminant cycling, 2009-2014). She is a partner in the research project of Social exclusion and well-being resources in Northern Finland: The regional and temporal variations in two birth cohorts (1966 and 1986) funded by Finnish Academy and SALVE program (Leader: Prof Anja Taanila, 2009-2012). She is participating in the research projects concerning with Sami health and wellbeing (e.g. environmental health, memory diseases and racism) and is a leader of Thule research project Structural racism and its impact on Indigenous Health – a comparative study of Canada, Finland and Norway. She is a leader of the Top-level Research Initiative, Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change, funded by Norden for PhD level education (2010-2013).  She is a partner in EU-Kolartic-ENPI project Food and health security in the Norwegian, Russian and Finnish border regions (Leader: FRAM, 2012-2014). Rautio has published about 90 scientific articles. She is a national key expert in the AMAP and SDWG - Human Health Expert groups. She has been nominated as national member to IASC - Social and Human Sciences Group and she is a member of Executive Committee of Arctic Human Developing Report II (2011-2014).

She is a member of National board of Polar Research (Polaarialueiden tutkimuksen kansallinen toimikunta) and board of Arctic Affairs (Arktisen alueen neuvottelukunta) in Finland. She has been a Member of Government of Oulu University (1994-2002), Orion-Farmos Research Foundation (2007-2011) and Rector in Scientific Affairs of Summer Univ Central Bothnia (2001-2009).


Last updated: 11.7.2016