Environmental health and climate change:

Health on thin ice

Arctic Health Risks: Impacts on health in the Arctic and Europe owing to climate-induced changes in contaminant cycling, EU7PW, ArcRisk project, leader of WP4 (Human Health effects of contaminants and the influence of climate change) Arja Rautio, 2009-

Environmenal health and biomarkers, Arja Rautio and Kirsi Vähäkangas, 2006-

Food and health security in the Norwegian, Russian and Finnish border regions, EU-Kolarctic-ENPI, leader FRAM, partner CAM, 2012-2014

From in vitro studies of environmental pollutants towards human health risk assessment, leader Khaled Abass, 2011-

Industry and traffic related particles in the urban air and environment health, leader Riitta Keiski and investigator Arja Rautio, 2006-

Food-drug interactions: exploring and pre-empting intricate health risks, leader Olavi Pelkonen and investigator Khaled Abass, 2009-


Marginalisation and discrimination:

Social exclusion and well-being resources in Northern Finland: The regional and temporal variations in two birth cohorts (1966 and 1986), Finnish Academy and SALVE, leader Anja Taanila and investigator Arja Rautio, 2009-

Circumpolar dimension of population aging: Cross-regional analysis towards optimal policy adjustments, leader Arja Rautio and investigator Anastasia Emelyanova, 2012-


Indigeneous health and well-being:

Structural racism and its impact on Indigenous Health – a comparative study of Canada, Finland and Norway, Thule Institute Research program, 2012-2016

Memory disesases in Sámi, leader Anne Remes and investigator Arja Rautio, 2006-


University of  the Arctic (UArctic) PhD program on Arctic health and well-being:

Nordic Council of Minister's Arctic Co-operation Programme, 2012-2015, co-operation with the Thematic network of UArctic

Nordic Network "People and Ecosystems in Changing Environment", funded by the Nordic Top-level Research Initiative (TRI), 2010-2013, leader Arja Rautio


Last updated: 1.7.2015