Through its public exhibition gallery, the Museum offers a fresh perspective on Finnish fauna and zoology. In the 1000 m2 gallery there are about 1300 vertebrates and well over 3000 invertebrates. Lining the walls of the gallery, a 53 m diorama illustrates the geographical location of Finland and the country’s varying natural environments during the changing seasons all the way from the Bay of Finland to the Arctic Ocean.

In the glass cabinets and vitrines of the gallery, specimens are arrayed in accordance with their taxonomic relationships. Together with the collection hosted in the reading room, this systematic collection forms a teaching collection, aimed at providing an insight into the identification of species and animal taxonomy. Thus, this collection offers a rich learning environment for schools and kindergartens as well as for anyone with an interest in nature and animals.

In 2011, the exhibition got new features from the ethnographic and scientific collections of Ovamboland collected by missionary Emil Liljeblad.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum arranges temporary exhibitions.

Last updated: 8.2.2013