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20.04.2018 blog

Blockchain: Transient Hype or Solution to Energy Crisis?

Cryptocurrencies have made it to the top news due to the unprecedented rise of Bitcoin’s market capitalization. Amidst speculative hype, it is worth to remember that there is a real technology behind the scene, namely, the blockchain. The blockchain as a technological paradigm has diverse applications going far beyond volatile cryptocurrency markets, including smart grids and electricity markets in general.
22.09.2017 blog

Time for Evolution

The blog post was first published on 22th September 2017 on BCDC Energy research project website.
24.02.2017 blog

Coordination signals and automatic demand-response

Thanks Florian Kühnlenz for valuable discussions and feedback. Another day I was waiting my bus in front of a traffic light and I started wondering about the reasons why it is necessary to have these lights. In some busy streets, they can coordinate who can go and who cannot. Likewise, in some health centers, you can select what is your problem and then you get a number assigned.
24.11.2016 blog

How to make weather and energy forecasts better?

Blogtext was first published on 20.11.2016 on Finnish Meteorological Institute’s (FMI) website. FMI is one of research institutes in BCDC Energy project. Wind power forecasts produced by FMI during "Rauli" storm show promising agreement with the actual production figures.