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Welcome to the official Fab Lab Oulu blog!!!. In this first post I would like to briefly present our Fab Lab and why we decided to open this blog.

In October 2015, University of Oulu inaugurated in its Linnanmaa campus the second  Fab Lab in Finland. Our Fab Lab was born with the idea of opening the world of Digital Fabrication not only to our students and researchers but also to all Oulu citizens.

For those who do not know (yet!!) what a Fab Lab is, we can define it as a technical prototyping platform for invention, collaboration and learning. It is comprised of off-the-shelf, industrial-grade fabrication and electronics tools, wrapped in open source software. It complies with open innovation concept developed by MIT in the United States. For instance,  Fab Lab Oulu has three 3D printers, one small CNC milling machine, one laser cutter, one vinyl cutter and several electronic workbenches. You can find more detailed information about the machines in the Fab Lab Oulu's official site.

Fab Lab Oulu has been very busy since its opening. Many different people has been visiting us with the goal of learning on digital fabrication or fabricating their own artifacts. Fab Lab machines has been used by our university students and researchers, entrepreneurs, makers and local school community (teachers and pupils), to point out some to the most active users.

However, majority of the people (even our university researchers) do not know exactly what a Fab Lab is or do not understand its fully potential. This blog aims to bring Fab Lab closer to researchers, students and oulu citizens by showing Fab Lab’s everyday life activities and explaining, in a simple language, the processes taken place in it. We hope this blog brings the world of Digital Fabrication to new people, and Fab Lab’s Oulu community grows progressively in the following years.

Here we go!!!


Last updated: 8.11.2017

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