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Researchers are the stars of the University. They are pushing the boundaries of the known every day. Science with Arctic Attitude is our new blog to give a voice to those who know. It is a blog maintained by top researchers at the University of Oulu based on their research. The writers describe their work in an understandable way, each with their own style. They share their big insights, small frustrations, and vice versa. Enjoy, challenge, and ask! There will be a new blog post regularly in Finnish or in English.
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07.03.2018 blog

What else can we do towards an energy sustainable world, beside keep building solar cells and wind turbines?

Energy harvesting would lead us towards truly circular economy. In history human’s economy is linear. For example we mine the fossil fuel, combust them to generate electricity or get mechanical power we want, and then dispose the pollution into the environment and forget about it.

20.02.2018 blog

Pienuus voi olla valttia tieteessä

Kaikki tuntevat tarinan. Kaksi, kolme nuorukaista ahertavat autotallissa. Tunteja laskematta, hikeä ja vaivaa säästämättä. He ahkeroivat suuren palon vallassa ja muun maailman pois sulkien. Tyttö- ja poikakaverit sekä muut ystävät, opiskelu ja välillä jopa syöminen unohtuvat työn touhussa. Mitä tästä syntyy? Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Apple, Google…

08.02.2018 blog

Let technology make your irrational life more sustainable

Tomorrow, contrary to initial plans, only brought more delays. I had planned to do more, but wasn't able to for one reason or another. I ended up spending more time on one task than I should have. Now, many tasks are behind schedule and the approaching deadline is a bit too soon. If only there was a system to track and remind us of our own plans which we sometimes fail to meet! Sound familiar? A trivial example, perhaps but a pointer to the most basic of problems that technology can help us to address if only it is designed right.

25.01.2018 blog

Suomessa tietäminenkin menee metsään

Kirjallisuuden Finlandia-palkinnon voittanut Juha Hurme kirjoittaa kirjassaan Niemi mielenkiintoisesti tietämisestä: ”Tietämisen kantasana on tie. Tie on sovelias reitti erämaassa, joka on tiedettävä, jotta sitä osaa kulkea”. Nykysuomen etymologinen sanakirja vahvistaa Hurmeen esittämän tietämis-tulkinnan ”yleisimmäksi hyväksytyksi”. Tietäminen on merkinnyt ehkä myös jälkien muodostaman uran seuraamista. Kirjailija Veijo Meri viittasi samaan hänen kaunokirjallisessa sanakirjassaan Sanojen synty muutama vuosikymmen sitten.

14.12.2017 blog

Climate change is hiding below the ground

Although the Earth is accustomed to cycles of warmer and cooler periods, we human beings – and the human society as it is – do not have experience from any other climate than the one we currently have. Studying soil can help us estimate the magnitude of future changes in climate and provide tools to mitigate climate warming.

20.11.2017 blog

Societal impact of science via productive interactions

Science is traditionally regarded as a central knowledge-producing institution contributing to societal development in many ways. Previously, this was seen to take place in an automatic fashion without any deliberate attempts by academics to achieve impact for their research. Recently, social studies of science have fostered an alternative view according to which impact of science is a result of complex and often uncertain knowledge translation, which may take years or even decades to materialize into impacts.

16.11.2017 blog

Dementia is a human tragedy

Many of us know a person, who has Alzheimer’s disease or other type of dementia. She may be your grandmother or aunt who slowly loses her memory – first all the good recent moments you had together and later you and her other family members all together. Wouldn’t it be nice to prevent this from happening and diagnose dementia at an early stage?

28.09.2017 blog

Ecological restoration is a tool to fix some of the damages that we have caused to our natural ecosystems

Since the last ice age, peatlands have stored huge amounts of atmospheric carbon within their peat layers. However, because of human actions and a rise in global temperatures over the last two hundred years, peatlands are about to release the carbon back to the atmosphere – unless we do something quickly.

18.09.2017 blog

Arktista tutkimuslaatikkoa rikkomassa

Poissa loistivat arktinen öljynporausagenda ja luonnonvarojen kestämätön hyödyntäminen, kun pohjoinen akatemiaväki kokoontui Skotlannin Aberdeeniin elokuun lopussa. Viikon aikana pohjoisten, arktisten yliopistojen UArctic-yhteistyöverkostoon kuuluvien yliopistojen rehtorit kokoontuivat omaan foorumiinsa ja tutkijat omaan konferenssiinsa yhteistyön hengessä.

31.08.2017 blog

Using resources efficiently through proper scheduling

Have you ever asked yourself how to increase your efficiency in a regular daily work? At the end of a busy working day, you may find yourself with many unaccomplished tasks even if you came into the office early and left late. Making a schedule for your daily work will help you manage your time more efficiently. Scheduling is the art of figuring out when to do what so that you can achieve your goals with the resources at hand.