Social and Health Care

We design and provide a range of multi-disciplinary continuing education programmes for social and health care professionals. We provide seminars and both short-term and long-term training programmes, which are based on up-to-date research and working life experience. Using ICT enables us to offer training partially – or in some cases – completely online. 

Our objective is to develop and maintain the professional competence of social and health care professionals. Our educators are experienced experts. Some of our training programmes are delivered in partnership with other institutes of higher education. 

Our current training programmes:

  • Psychotherapist Education
  • Employee Counselling and Coaching
  • Executive Studies for Social and Health Care Professionals
  • Education and Development Projects in the field of Promotion of the Health and Welfare
  • Specialization Studies
  • Apprenticeship-Based Education

Last updated: 18.5.2017