Course Calendars

From September 2017 onwards all UO students have to create their personal electronic course calendars for study periods 1...4 of academic year. WCE staff does not provide it to you. The smart phone application is called TUUDO, which tells you when and where lectures and exercises are given for each day of week. Start your personal study calendar creation from here. Your student tutor (Kummi) can advice you how to do it.

In order to create your TUUDO calendar you have take a look at your curriculumn and course timeline of your WCE study group given at the beginning of your studies during WCE orientation event.

Second year WCE students can create their TUUDO course calendar based on their personal study plan (OodiPSP) accepted by WCE academic coordinator.


1st year autumn 2017 course calendar for WCE 2017-19 group

WCE 2017-19 group's first year study calendar for weeks 35-37 (1.9-15.9.2017) of 1. study period

UO Academic Calendar 2017-2018

Last updated: 30.10.2017