Student has to register for all exams by using Weboodi:


Guides of examination:

University examination home page

WCE examination and ethical rules

University Exam rules for students

List of WCE exams 2015-2016:

List of summer 2016 exams

List of CWC exams 2015-2016

List of CSE exams 2015-2016

List of EE exams 2015-2016

List of MATH exams 2015-2016


Significant changes have happend in UO examination practices since 1.9.2015.

New UO exams arrangements, practices and regulations can be found from here.

IMPORTANT: Examination info lecture slides on 16.10.2015 by Timo Kokkonen (chief of DCE examination arrangements)




Last updated: 28/9/2016