Orientation Week & Training Events



UO will organize on September 1-7, 2017 a general orientation week for all international students in order to help students to settle down at the campus. In addition, the Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) offers WCE specific orientation event on 7.9.2017, 11:00-14:00 o'clock at room TS101. Your student tutor, called "Kummi" in Finnish, will guide you there. It is definitely recommended to book flights & accommodation to make possible to join our UO orientation week.


UO Orientation Week's Programme for All International students

WCE Orientation Event's Programme on Thursday 7.9.2017, 11.00 AM,  at CWC

First year course calendar is now available here: WCE 2017-19 group's teaching for weeks 35-37

Guide for new international students for study year 2017-2018


WCE Orientation Slides for 7.9.2017 Event

  1. WCE Orientation 7.9.2017 (Programme)
  2. WCE_Orientation: CWC Organization (Iinatti, Juntti)
  3. WCE Orientation: Curriculumn & Schedule & Studies (Kärkkäinen)
  4. WCE Orientation: WCE-RF Study Option & Research (Pärssinen)
  5. WCE_Orientation: Finnish Study Culture (Iinatti)
  6. Electrical Engineering Student Guild (SIK) (Sulanne)
  7. SIK's International Student Guide (Sulanne)
  8. WCE-RAN and WCE-RF Study Option Selection Sheet

NOTE: Original B.Sc. degree documentation (diploma & transcript) has to be submitted to Ms. Maritta Juvani for her ispection on TUE 19.9.2017, 13:00-15:00, Room TS114 (1st floor student service office of the ITEE Faculty). You have to show your residence permit and passport. You will aslo get receipt when leaving original documents. You will get documents back after some time.

WCE Orientation Slides for 6.10.2017 & 12.10.2017 & 13.10.2017 Events

  1. How to create personal study plan (Kärkkäinen)
  2. Planning of studies, time management and learning (Study psychologist Pia Partanen).pdf
  3. UO & WCE examination practices (Kokkonen)
  4. How to create exercise work report (Kokkonen)
  5. WordTemplate_2016.docx


WCE Orientation Slides for 19.10.2017 Events

  1. TEK's presentation dealing with working life & labour unions in Finland (Saara Moisanen, Daniel Valtakari)
  2. From student to professional: Identifying competences and career planning (Kaisa Karhu)


UO Orientation Events 12.10.2017 & 19.10.2017 for IMP Students Delaing with Improving Study Skills and Competences

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