How to Apply?

University of Oulu partners with the University Admissions Finland for their services for the application system and the pre-processing of application documents. University Admissions Finland will evaluate your eligibility and the authenticity of your educational certificates. This includes e.g. contacting your previous educational institution and your language test organiser. Any malpractice will be reported to the universities and proper authorities.

The application is filled in and submitted online in Studyinfo portal (see point 1 under Application process). Applicants are requested to send a printed copy of the application with their documents.

Application process

  1. All available study programmes of University of Oulu can be found on the Studyinfo portal where you can search for suitable programmes and start the application. The online application is open during the application period, 15.12.2016-25.1.2017. Once you have found a programme you wish to apply to, find out what the admissions requirements are from the University of Oulu Admissions. Visit also the programme website for programme specific requirements.
  2. Collect the required application documents. The list of required documents is also on the online application. Please note that each application must have its own set of requested application documents.
  3. Please send all of your documents to the University Admissions Finland’s (UAF's) office by mail.

    University Admissions Finland
    Unioninkatu 40 C
    FI-00170 Helsinki

    If you use a courier service to send your documents, please write down University Admissions Finland’s phone number +358 29 41 235 28 on the courier shipping slip.

    Your application documents have to arrive by the given deadline. E-mail attachments will not be accepted. UAF does not process application documents that have arrived after the deadline.
  4. University Admissions Finland processes all documents according to the same processing procedures. Documents are processed in two steps, both of which your application documents must pass: 1) UAF will verify your language skills and check that they meet the requirements set by the university. 2) UAF will check that all of your required educational documents have arrived and based on the documents, your credentials will be verified.

Please note that due to the great amount of arriving mail, UAF cannot confirm the arrival of individual documents. All mail will be processed in order of arrival and once your documents have been processed, you will receive an e-mail notification from UAF.

After the processing is completed, UAF will forward your application documents to the University of Oulu for academic assessment. Admissions will be carried out by the university and applicants will be informed according to the admission schedule - see our Deadlines page.

Submitting Application Documents

All educational documents must be officially certified (attested) by the Notary Public or the awarding institution. Please also note the possible country-specific requirements. Detailed descriptions of the official translations and officially certified copies can be found below.

Official Translations

All documents must be submitted in Finnish, Swedish or English. Also the copies of the original documents have to be submitted. Translations of educational documents must be

  1. issued by the awarding institution or
  2. officially certified copy of a translation issued by the awarding institution or
  3. translated by an official translator or
  4. officially certified copy of a translation made by an official translator.

Each page of an official translation must bear the translator’s stamp and/or signature. Official translations must be exact translations of the original documents. Translations done by the applicant him- or herself are not accepted.
Please note that you have to send a legalised copy of the translated document also in its original language.

Officially Certified Copies

All educational documents must be officially certified (attested) by the Notary Public or the awarding institution. This means that every page of each document must bear an original stamp/seal and signature of the certifying officer, e.g. regular copies of certified copies will not be accepted. In addition to the standard document requirements, educational documents from certain countries must be submitted in a certain way.

Please make sure that the officially certified copies:

  1. are taken directly from your original educational documents
  2. include every page of your educational documents
  3. bear the original stamp of the awarding institution or Notary Public on each page of the document (e.g. a stamp stating only "Certified true copy" will not be accepted)
  4. bear the original signature of the certifying officer.


All submitted documents will be examined for their eligibility and authenticity. In case the applicant submits forged documents, the application will be automatically rejected.

Please note that all students are required to present their original Bachelor’s degree certificate (or higher) and transcript of records upon arrival, before starting their studies at the University of Oulu. If a student fails to do so, the right to study will be waived.

Last updated: 31/8/2016