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Student Union and Organisations

All students in the University of Oulu belong to the Student Union of the University of Oulu – OYY. The main aim of the student union is to supervise interests of students and provide them with services.
By paying the membership fee you get a student card and many benefits to go with it: members of OYY get inexpensive and often free health care services. Also, you’ll get reductions in buses, trains and many shops and restaurants. You’re entitled to get student priced meals at the university. You’ll also receive a calendar each autumn. Most importantly of all, both the members of the board and the staff of OYY strive to take care of your interests at the university and in your life around your studies. They also organize all sorts of activities to make your study period lively and fun!

Section of International Affairs (I-section)

The meetings of the I-section are open to all members of OYY. The section is a place for all international students to take part in the activities of OYY and have an effect on the issues important to them at the University. The section is also open to Finnish students and matters related to making their study period more international are also handled in the section. I-section aims to bring together Finnish and foreign students and improve their position at the University. The activities of the section vary from meetings to get-togethers and from info events to fun excursions. Best way to stay informed is to follow student mailing lists and attend the meetings of the I-section.

Student Guilds

Every major subject has its own organisation for students called a student guild or student organisation (kilta, ainejärjestö). These guilds arrange info events, get-togethers, parties, trips, sports events and often have their own room in the university where you can have coffee, use computers and meet people. Each student guild also has its own overalls, each with their specific colour. Overalls are used in student parties and they create a certain feeling of togetherness.
List of guilds available here.


There is a wide scale of organisations aimed at promoting various hobbies and interests at the University of Oulu. They range from photographing and roleplaying to music and sports and everything in between. Continuing an old hobby or choosing a new one is an excellent way to get to know people and start to feel at home in the University community. In Oulu, theatre, dance and music are highly appreciated. The University has a distinguished choral ensemble called Cassiopeia and a student theatre troupe called Ylioppilasteatteri that produces several plays every year.

List of hobby and interest groups available here.

Last updated: 23.9.2013
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