24/7 campus for students

Guidelines for 24/7 Campus Card


How to order

1. Sign in to https://shop.oulu.fi/ by using University of Oulu student account, and choose “24/7 kulkukortti”.

2. Choose suitable background colour for your card, and add your picture. The person ordering the card must be recognizable from the picture in order the card to be hand over.

3. Check your contact information, terms of use and make the order.

4. The card can be picked up from Juvenes Print Linnanmaa within 1-2 work days.


24/7 facilities

Campus spaces available with 24/7 card are listed in the map attached.


24/7 security

Fire alarm or acute sickness

Call 112 and state the address of the location.


Criminal or disturbing behaviour

During office hours contact the janitors p. 0294 483007 or email aulapalvelut at oulu.fi.

During other hours contact Avarn security p. 010 620 2000 or call 112.


Last updated: 16.8.2017