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Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education is a multidisciplinary expert organisation for training, research and development in the field of education and teaching.

The Faculty will be operating on two campuses until the autumn of 2013; Oulu (The Department of Educational Sciences and Teacher Education) and Kajaani (Kajaani Department of Teacher Education). Students who started their studies at Kajaani will move to Oulu to finish their studies there as necessary.

The University of Oulu Teacher Training Schools will be functional in both towns until the autumn of 2013, forming a single administrative unit. The school's units in Oulu and Kajaani are still using their previous names of Oulu and Kajaani Teacher Training School in their everyday activities.

The Faculty provides high-quality education and research in a multidisciplinary and international academic environment. In addition to Bachelor's and Master's degrees, the Faculty offers a variety of postgraduate and continuing education opportunities. There are numerous research groups and projects which function in different cooperation and development projects in both the public and the private sector.