RPL instructions for students

RPL (Recognition of Previous Learning) INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS

  1. The student prints out the RPL 1A/1B form, or gets one at the info point.
  2. The student fills in the items on page 1 marked “To be filled in by student” (Original credit, Extent, Grade, I apply for recognition, Extent) on her/his own or together with a study advisor, including the necessary appendices, and making copies for her/himself of all the forms/appendices.
  3. The student goes over the form together with a study advisor.
  4. When the study advisor has “approved” the form, the student takes the form and visits the staff members in charge of the relevant courses. They fill in the following items as necessary (Decision by RPL assessor, Grade, Additional coursework required, Explanation for acceptance, Reason for rejection).
  5. The student submits the application to the person in charge of the degree programme, who signs it and makes the final decision. S/he consults the staff members in charge of the relevant courses, if necessary.
  6. The person in charge of the degree programme signs the RPL 1A form and delivers it to the student affairs secretary, after which the secretary records the credits in the Oodi system. The student is informed of any credits that were not approved or require supplementary studies.
  7. Any appeals shall be addressed to the Chief Academic Officer (Helena Seppälä) within 14 days of when the decision was announced.

Last updated: 13.10.2017