Student counselling

Each programme in the Faculty has its own student counsellor. You can go to your student counsellor whenever you feel you need to. Student counselling and guidance is given especially by the persons below:

Katja Holtinkoski-Perttula
education designer, primary teacher education
Tel. 0294 48 3604

Jenni Palomaa
education designer, primary teacher education and special education
Tel. 0294 48 3660

Ulla Alanko
education designer, education programme
Tel. 0294 48 7450

Hennariikka Valppu-Paaso
education designer, early childhood education
Tel. 0294 48 3645

Hans-Peter Klintrup
lecturer, music education
Tel. 0294 484580

Tiia Autio
education designer, MDP in Education and Globalisation
Tel +358 294 48 3710

Niina Impiö
programme coordiantor and teacher tutor, LET Master's Degree Programme,
Tel. 0294 48 3722

Jani Haapakoski,  KM213  
education designer, Intercultural Teacher Education, exchange student guidance
Tel. +358 294 487318
The personal e-mail addresses follow the format

Last updated: 3.8.2018