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Research Focus and Development Areas

Focus Areas

Biosciences and Health

Cell-extracellular matrix research
Cardiovascular disease research
Enzyme structure and metabolic research
Genes and the environment

Cultural Identity and Interaction

Intercultural interaction
Language, education and interaction

Environment, Natural Resources and Materials

Environmental issues, natural resources and energy economy
Materials science, properties and behaviour of matter, catalysts and material innovations
Modelling and computational science

Information Technology

Machine vision and ubiquitous computing technologies
Wireless communications
High-speed electronics and photonics
Biomedical engineering
Information systems and software

Development Areas

Business Studies and Economics

Business models, networks and relationships
Growth and corporate governence of the firm
Sustainable economic development

Research-Based Teacher Education

Research on communication and interaction in learning and teaching
Globalisation and international teacher education

Mining and Mineral Engineering

National responsibility for the develpoment of research and education in mining and mineral engineering

Steel Research

Production of new steels, optimisation of properties

Last updated: 21.1.2013
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