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Incoming exchange students have several options on how to arrange housing. Most exchange students rent a room from the local Student housing foundation PSOAS but renting from private markets is also possible. Below you will be able to find useful information and links for both options. International Services of the University of Oulu recommends that exchange students first choice would be PSOAS. If you do not receive student housing you will be notified of this early enough to look for housing from private markets.


Student housing foundation PSOAS

N.B. PSOAS Housing application period for academic year 2016-17 exchange students will open April 1, 2016.

Primary housing provider for incoming exchange students is the Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland PSOAS. PSOAS has student residence halls around the city of Oulu but most exchange students coming to the University of Oulu are housed in furnished apartments either on Linnanmaa campus or in Alppila, about 3km from Linnanmaa Campus. Housing reservations are always made for the full length of the exchange period in full months, rents are also paid for full months, rents varying between 220-300eur/month. PSOAS tenancy agreements are always signed during orientation on campus. All rents for the entire signed rental period of the tenancy agreement must be paid regardless of your departure. Please note that since the tenancy agreement is always for a fixed term, you cannot change it after you have signed it. Tenants have a right to extend the tenancy agreement by informing about it two months earlier.

N.B. ISEP students and students coming from Washington College and UNCG within the bilateral agreements have paid their rent beforehand in their home country and will be housed in PSOAS student housing. They too need to submit the housing application to PSOAS.

On all matters concerning PSOAS housing, please contact
asuntotoimisto (at) psoas.fi

Other housing providers and more information

If you do not receive housing through PSOAS please have a look at these options. Some of these offer several housing options while others are small, individual locations. From private markets it might be easier to look for housing with a friend/friends.

Many Finnish students leave Oulu for a semester or two to go abroad themselves and sublet their flats/rooms - usually furnished. Here are some links to advertising sites.

Last updated: 11.2.2016
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