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Studying in Oulu as an exchange student

All departments at the University of Oulu offer courses in English for incoming exchange students.

Departments have prepared Course catalogues on Courses in English for exchange students to Weboodi system. Please note that if you cannot find a Course catalogue by that name for the department in question please contact the department's exchange coordinator to ask what courses are available in English.

Teaching methods vary from department to department, but in general the study system is based on lectures, seminars and/or small-group tutorials. Practical or laboratory work is also possible. Typically, students take exams after each course, and write essays and journals. Web-based learning environments are widely used in teaching.

Recommended workload is 30 credits per term, 60 credits for full year exchange. Make sure you always ask from your home institution if they have a specific requirement on the amount of credits you need to pass during exchange.

Exchange student can also be eligible to take studies from International Master's Programmes taught in English, those courses are included in the Course catalogues.

Courses offered in English

Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Technology

Oulu Business School

Oulu Mining School

Oulu School of Architecture

Language studies offered by Languages and communication

Last updated: 9.9.2015
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