Exactus was a multidisciplanary doctoral programme, which covered education and research in exact sciences. The research groups and communities involved were AstronomySpace Physics: Ionospheric physics, Space climate and Cosmic ray physics, Sodankylä Geophysical ObservatoryUnderground astroparticle physicsMolecular Materials Science: Biophysics, Electron spectroscopy, NMR spectroscopy, Theoretical physics, Inorganic chemistry, NanotechnologyMathematics, Applied mathematics and Statistics: Abstract harmonic analysis, Fractal geometry, Inverse problems (applied), Mathematics of computation, Nonparametric estimation of functions and its applications,  Number theory, Statistics and BiometryMathematics educationExactus is part of University of Oulu Graduate School (UNIOGS).

From the beginning of year 2017 most of the Exactus students will join to new doctoral programme of Technology and Natural Sciences. Follow the information on the pages of UNIOGS.