20.2.2018 Event

15th Science Day of the Campus of Kontinkangas 20.2.2018

15th Science Day of the Campus of Kontinkangas will be on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018.

5.5.2017 Event

Symposium to honor the careers of Prof. Kalervo Hiltunen and Prof. Rik Wierenga 5.5.2017

A symposium to honor the careers of Professor Kalervo Hiltunen and Professor Rik Wierenga was arranged on Friday, 5th May, 2017, in Leena Palotie Auditorium 101A, Aapistie 5, Oulu.

8.12.2016 Event

Valerio Izzi´s docentship lecture 8.12.2016

Valerio Izzi’s docentship lecture (20 min) Thursday, 8 December at 9:00, entitled: “Tumor immunoevasion: from immunosuppression to immunediting” in Leena Palotie -auditorium, Aapistie 5.

12.6.2016 to 15.6.2016 Event

The EMBO conference: "The biochemistry and chemistry of biocatalysis: From understanding to design"

More information about the conference here.

17.4.2015 Event

50 years of biochemistry education in Oulu

The opening ceremony of the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (FBMM) - 50 years of biochemistry education in Oulu

17.2.2015 Event


The 12th Science Day will be held in Kontinkangas Campus, Oulu, in Leena Palotie -auditorium, Aapistie 5A.

19.11.2014 Event

Mitonet Minisymposium

The Mitonet Minisymposium is organized this Fall here in Oulu by Dr. Reetta Hinttala and Dr. Alexander Kastaniotis.

20.10.2014 to 22.10.2014 Event

FSRUO Autumn School 2014

FSRUO Autumn School 2014: Photon based research at roadmap infrastructures & IYCr 2014: Crystallography in Finland