Faculty Education Committee

The Faculty Education Committee:

  • Prepares the curriculum and practical matters of education
  • Evaluates the quality of education
  • Proposes the amount of intake of new students
  • Proposes the selection criteria of new students
  • Receives and accepts test lectures of docent candidates.

Also other tasks may be addressed to the committee.

Committee members:

Tuomo Glumoff (Dean of Education, Chair)
Minna Hallia, chief administrative officer (secretary)
Jari Heikkinen
Joni Mäki
Lloyd Ruddock
Alexander Kastaniotis
Minna Kihlström
Heli Ruotsalainen
Eevasisko Mehtätalo (Henna Salo), student member, biochemistry
Lauri Rannaste (Benjamin Michelin), student member, biochemistry

Last updated: 17.5.2017