Teacher of the year recognition

Providing education of the highest quality is paramount to our faculty. In recognition of the high level of teaching provided we have twice been given national awards for teaching quality and members of our staff have been nominated for University Teacher of the Year.


In addition, to recognize the younger teachers of the faculty, we also have a teacher of the year prize for postdocs and PhD students. The nomination is made by biochemistry students. Previous winners were:

2006 Heli Ruotsalainen

2007 Tatu Haataja

2008 Miia Vapola

2009 Herkko Sikkilä

2010 Juha Kerätär

2011 Silke Grunau

2012 Antti Isomursu

2013 Rajaram Venkatesan

2014 Henni Piirainen

Last updated: 28.10.2016