University of Oulu, 2016

Future Factory Day-by-Day

Step-by-step instructions for the Future Factory week:


FRIDAY 1.9. 1.00pm-2.00pm


Future Factory starts at 1.00 -2.00PM by non-stop info! You can find the lecture hall for your programme here: Working spaces 1. - 7.9. Your tutor also knows your lecture hall and will guide your group to the right place. Today you will get information on Future Factory and next week’s working via a video.


THE GOAL OF THE DAY: You know why you are in the Future Factory and what will happen next week.


MONDAY 4.9. 12pm-2pm (+ possible own time)


Let the working begin! You can find the lecture hall of your programme here: Working spaces 1. - 7.9.

  1. You will get instructions for working.
  2. You will be organized into groups of max. 10 people inside your degree programme. 
  3. You are free to work on your challenge wherever you wish. However, there are some working spaces and lecture halls that have been booked especially for you to use. Here Working spaces 1. - 7.9. you can find a space that has been booked for your team.
  4. The team will choose itself a chairperson. The task of the chairperson is to make sure that the group will finish its work in the given timeframe and that the goals will be achieved. The chairperson can be elected by voting, balloting or by discussing.
  5. Choose a name for your team. However, don’t spend too much time on it!
  6. Register your team into the competition at 4PM latest via THIS FORM.
  7. Find your theme here: Themes 2017.
  8. Watch the Future Factory Video Tutorial. Define a challenge related to your theme. Approach the challenge from different angles and start brainstorming solutions. Finally, choose one. Continue working with this the following day.
  9. Make sure to agree on where to meet on Tuesday according to your degree programme’s schedule.

THE GOAL OF THE DAY: Your team has chosen itself a name and a chairperson, your group has ennrolled, defined its challenge according to the theme and found a solution idea to it.


TUESDAY 5.9. 2 hours, according to the degree programme’s schedule

  1. Continue working with your challenge. Check the tutorial for more instructions.
  2. After finding a solution to the challenge you should make a presentation about your solution idea to demonstrate it to the other groups. The form of the output is free as long as it is in an electronic form. However, there are some ground rules to the product. Here [Goals for Outputs] you can find more specific instructions on what the presentation should be like.
  3. Upload your presentation into the digital Padlet wall. There are three Padlet walls: one for each theme group. Upload your presentation on the wall of your own theme group. Instructions for uploading the product and the links to the Padlet walls can be found here: [All the outputs]. The products must be uploaded into the Padlet software Tuesday 6pm at latest! Products that are uploaded after this will not be included in the voting.


THE GOAL OF THE DAY: Your team has made a presentation about your idea and uploaded it into Padlet. Time for uploading the product online ends at 6pm.


WEDNESDAY 6.9. 8am-10am


  1. Get together with your team at 8am latest. You can find your lecture hall here: Working spaces 1. - 7.9. At 8am-10am you have time to get acquainted with the other groups’ works in Padlet and vote for the solution idea you think is the best one.
  2. The groups will evaluate each other in the following manner:
    Theme group 1 preview and vote solutions from the theme group 2.
    Theme group 2 preview and vote solutions from the theme group 3.
    Theme group 3 preview and vote solutions from the theme group 1.
    You cannot vote for a product inside your own theme but will get acquainted with another theme instead. This way you will get familiarized with themes outside your own. You cannot vote for your own product.
  3. There are a lot of products, and of course you can share the workload inside the group. 
  4. Here [Goals for Outputs] you can find tips on what kinds of things to consider when evaluating the products.
  5. Choose the best product and vote here [LINK will be available soon]. Your team can give only one vote.
  6. There is time until 10 am to vote.
  7. Make sure to check your chairperson’s email during the day! The invitation to the gala and ceremony will be sent to the best groups and your group may be the winner of one of the prizes.


THE GOAL OF THE DAY: The groups have got acquainted with the other groups’ products and given their votes.


THURSDAY 7.9. 2pm-4pm


Let the ending gala of the Future Factory and the reward ceremony for the best groups begin! The gala takes place in Saalastin sali.


THE GOAL OF THE DAY: The best groups have been found and rewarded.


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