Faculty Board

1) approves the strategic plan for action of the Faculty and determines the resources required in the implementation of the plan, in line with the University strategy;

2) monitors and, if necessary, directs the implementation of the plan;

3) determines the general guidelines for the plan for action and budget of the Faculty;

4) approves the plan for action and budget of the Faculty as well as the staff policy plan, which in the case of professorships is subjected to approval by the Rector,

5) monitors the activities and finances of the Faculty and

6) monitors and provides information concerning the Faculty both to members of staff and to students.


Faculty Board 2014 - 2017

Dean Paula Rossi


Group 1

Sari Kunnari

Substitute member

1. Professor
    Hannu I. Heikkinen

Petteri Pietikäinen
2. Professor
    Erkki Karvonen

Group 2

University Lecturer
Satu Selkälä


1. Academy Researcher
    Heini Hakosalo

Academy Researcher
Taina Välimaa
2. University Lecturer
   Timo Sironen

Group 3

Aino Maaninka


1. Student
    Pekka Rihko

Kalle Parviainen
2. Student
    Katri Kiurujoki

External member

Director General
Juhani Kostet





  • Dean of Education Harri Mantila




Last updated: 11.9.2017