Priyanka Trivedi

Official interview

Who are you?
I am Priyanka Trivedi. I am a science enthusiast, painter, music lover and traveler.

Where do you come from?
I come from India, the land of diversity and culture.

What you have done before coming to Oulu?
I have done B.Tech (Bachelors) in Biotechnology and M.Tech (Masters) in Agricultural Biotechnology. I have also worked in corporate as a Scientific Associate for “Environmental fate modelling of pesticides in EU”.

Why did you decide to come to Oulu?
I wanted to pursue higher studies and do a PhD in plant biology. University of Oulu and I4 Future doctoral program offered me an exciting opportunity for the same.

What is the name of your research project?
My research project is “Berry cuticular wax: Composition, morphology, biosynthesis and effect of environmental factors”. The aim of my PhD is to find the effect of environmental factors such as temperature and light on the cuticular wax layer composition, morphology and gene expression.

What is the expected main outcome from your research project (tell why it is important to study your subject, who can benefit from your results)?
The main outcome of my research project would be the production of high value wax from arctic berries which could be useful for various industry, well being, cosmetic, biomedical applications. It is important to study berry cuticular waxes as the industrial demand for wax is about 1000,000 tons annually from which only 3 % is covered by natural waxes. Synthetic waxes are fossil and chemically processed, however natural waxes are produced by biogenesis and contribute to sustainability. Investigating the effect of environmental factors on wax biosynthetic pathway could lead to better understanding of wax biogenesis in unexplored arctic berries.

What you would like to do after you have got PhD degree?
I would like to go for postdoctoral studies after PhD, and pursue a career in research and academia.

What I4 Future program has so far given to you? What has been good? Have you missed something?
I4 Future programme has given me an opportunity to pursue my academic dreams. It has not only given me an opportunity to do research in well-established labs, but has also given me a platform to interact and learn from scientific community from various parts of the world.

What kind of the atmosphere /weather in Oulu has been in your opinion?
Oulu has a peaceful atmosphere. It is a beautiful place (especially during summers!). The weather has been a challenge for me, since I come from a tropical country, it has taken some extra effort and time for me to adjust to the light and dark cycle here.


On my own words

My research is focused on wax layer of colorful arctic berries. I would like to study the effects of environmental factors on the wax layer and its morphology. The pathway for biosynthesis of wax in berry would also be elucidated. Our partner organization is Arctic University of Tromso, Norway.

I have started my doctoral studies on 16th January 2017. My appointment is for a period of 4 years and I would be working here till 2020.

I come from India. I have done M.Tech in Agricultural Biotechnology from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and B.Tech in Biotechnology from Vellore Institute of Technology, India. I also have worked in the industry as a Scientific Associate in GVK Biosciences, India for pesticide registration in European Union.

I expect to be able to pursue research independently after my doctoral studies. Also during my research I would like to learn how to collaborate with the scientific community. I would like myself to be well versed with the application for various grants for funding and travel.

Last updated: 2.10.2017

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