Motahareh Peyvasteh

On my own words

Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering
Research group: Optoelectronics and Measurement Technology (OPEM)
Major: Biophotonics
Research Subject: Investigation of structured light propagation in complex random media including bio-tissues
Partner organization: Oulu University Hospital

I have started my study since September 2016 as a doctoral student and as an I4Future member from January 2017 and my appointment will be end at January 2021.

I come from Tehran, Iran. I have worked as a research assistant in Electronic systems, Optical and Liquid Crystal Laboratories in Department of Energy Engineering and Physics at Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (part-time) after finishing my master program.

I expect this program smooth my way to my future career and help to obtain enough knowledge and research skills, which are primarily required for a science postdoctoral position in the field of biophysics or biophotonics. Furthermore, I hope the mobility plan and predicted conferences and summer schools provide me a great opportunity to collaborate and become familiar with the researchers who study in the same field as I and help to share our experiences and ideas.

Last updated: 25.9.2017

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