Raul Mollehuara Canales

Research group: Oulu MIning School
Research subject: Advanced technologies applied to integrated geochemicalgeophysical-hydrogeological characterization of tailing storage facilities (TSF)
Researcher profile: http://www.oulu.fi/university/researcher/raul-mollehuara-canales

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On my own words

Site of research: Oulu Mining School, Geosciences Research Unit
Major Subject: Geosciences, Mining and Mineral processing
Start date: January 2017 (expect to finish by 2020)
Country: Australia

I hold a Chemical Engineering degree and a Master in Water Resources Management – Hydrogeology.  I have been working in the mining sector (private, public and consultancy) in Peru and Australia and have built in-deep technical knowledge in operations and projects associated with mine water, mine waste and mine closure.

My research aims to connect existing and emerging imaging technologies for the characterization (physical, functional, environmental) of surface and subsurface of tailings storage facilities, a mine waste representing a major liability for the mining industry worldwide. The research will investigate opportunities for developing a multidisciplinary (geophysical, geochemical, hydrogeological) imaging technique to better understand the behavior of these waste facilities and support strategies to identify, control and manage failure risk modes throughout the mining cycle.

I expect my research will contribute with technological development by adopting and integrating cost-effective imaging techniques into tailings management and mine waste management throughout mine planning, operations and closure.

I am proud to be part of the I4Future programme & Oulu Mining School and excited with the opportunity to work and interact with leading researchers at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. The international collaborations and access to the facilities and infrastructure with interdisciplinary partners in the programme offer a playground that I expect to benefit in my research.

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