Felipe Lopes da Silva

Research group: Environmental and Chemical Engineering
Research subject: In situ and operando spectroscopy in the development of clear-air-catalyst materials
Researcher profile: Coming soon ...


On my own words
My name is Felipe Lopes da Silva, bachelor of industrial engineering from Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Brazil, with a Master’s degree in environmental engineering from the University of Oulu. My research for the I4future programme started in January 2017 and it will last until December 2020.

My research topic is the “In situ and operando spectroscopy in the development of clean-air-catalyst materials”. It comprises two different departments at the University of Oulu, the Environmental and Chemical engineering research group at the Faculty of technology and the Nano and Molecular systems at the Physics department. There are also two partner institutions from Lund – Sweden, the MAX IV Laboratory and the Division of Synchrotron Radiation Research unit at the Physics department in Lund University.

My project’s goal is to achieve a better understand of the molecular and atomic processes that undertake at the surface of the catalysts during the reaction. Therefore, the operando and in-situ techniques are essential to reach that knowledge and the Synchrotron Radiation is a vital part for the project. My work will lead to a double degree between University of Oulu (Engineering) and Lund University (Physics).

My main goal during this project is to develop myself in a new field (Physics, Spectroscopy) and help achieve better understanding of well stablished catalytic processes which could lead to improvement of material and processes that would help reduce the environmental impacts of humankind activities. The combination of these two fields will yield a powerful framework for development of many environmental catalysis processes based on the physics and chemistry of surfaces in the future.

The possibilities and collaborations that I4Future programme provides are unprecedented and it will allow me to perform a truly international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral research.


Last updated: 2.3.2018

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