Avishek Gupta

Research group: Process Metallurgy
Research subject: Online measurement of slag composition in metallurgical processes
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On my own words

I am a PhD student in the Process Metallurgy Group, Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu. My research topic is ‘Online measurement of slag composition in metallurgical processes’. The goal of my project is to develop a measurement system to analyse the quantitative and qualitative study of the slag during the metallurgical process. My project is in collaboration with Oututec Oyj where I will carry out my secondment as well. Other partner organization is Luxmet Oyj.

I started my doctoral studies in January 2017 and the project duration for is for a period of four years. I am from India and did my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Government College of Engineering Karad, India. I completed my masters in Material Science and Metallurgy from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. My thesis topic for masters was ‘Mechanical and corrosion behaviour of 305 grade stainlesss steel’. Through this Ph.D, I expect to gain expertise in spectroscopy techniques and gain an in-depth knowledge about the slag behaviour in metallurgical processes. I believe this program will give me enough opportunities to broaden my skills to lead to a successful research. The outcome of the project will be beneficial for the industrial application and will help me in my future career as a researcher.


Last updated: 2.3.2018

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