IT Administration Services

IT Administration Services are responsible for the administration and operation of the University's data network, computer system maintenance, software and the promotion of information security. IT Services produce services for the research, teaching, studying, administration and for different interest groups.

The customers are all the persons who use workstations, general computer resources and computer software: students, teachers, researchers, staff, units and visitors.


At the beginning of your studies

Important information for a new student: about user account and email!


Self-services and e-Identification

By using self-services, you can check the status of your username and can set a password for it. You can also set a mobile number or activate an OTP application for VPN use. e-Identification of the public administration is used in these self-services.


Office 365 Education

External service which every student can activate, if desired, into use. O365 contains, among others, the e-mail service for students and staff. The form of the O365 username is different for the students and the staff.


Office 365 ProPlus

The Microsoft agreements of educational institutions include the free Office packet (Office 365 ProPlus) for those students and staff members who have activated the O365 service into their use .