Self-services and authentication

By using self-services, you can check the status of your username and can set a password for it. You can also set a mobile number for VPN use. You need a Finnish personal identity number and online banking with some of the Finnish banks for authentication in these self-services.

In the self-services which are related to the user account, bank authentication is used to secure the identity of the user. The user identifies with an authentication method (TUPAS) of all major Finnish banks. The authentication is possible using online banking with either Osuuspankki, Nordea, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, S-Pankki, Aktia, POP or Säästöpankki. The service uses an encrypted SSL connection with only the name and encrypted identity number (ie. hash, checksum) being sent. In other words, no important identifying personal or banking information is transmitted. The service is free for the user, banks charge the University a fee.

In these self-services the mobile id service of mobile operators cannot be used.

The more exact guide regarding the self-services with bank authentication is the attachment of this page.

The following self-services are available for the staff and the students:


  • You can set a password for your brand new user account
  • You can set a password for your account if you do not remember the old password
  • You can check your user account, if you have forgotten it
  • You can activate an account which has been locked if your right to study or your employment is valid

When setting a new password, obey these instuctions: What is a good password? If you remember your old password and your account is not locked, you can change it easily without bank authentication in this web service or on workstation maintained by IT Administration Services (ctrl+alt+del).

Link: Password (vaihda salasana)

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Account info

If you have any login issues, you can check the status of your user account. If you cannot solve the problem based on the given information, you can send your account info and a request to Helpdesk on the page.

Link: Account info

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VPN mobile phone number

  • You can activate a SMS service which is needed with VPN Service and a strong authentication
  • You can set and change a mobile phone number to where a one-time password will be sent. NOTE: Use only mobile numbers of Finnish operators!

To use VPN Service with a strong authentication, a needed one-time password will be sent as SMS to your mobile phone number which has been saved in the system.

Link: VPN mobile phone number

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Last updated: 2.11.2016