What is a good password?

The password must contain of 8 - 15 characters, which are upper and lower-case letters and numbers. Instead the Scandinavian letters cannot be used and the special characters cause problems.

Tips for a strong password

At least 8-15 characters:
- at least one letter lowercase (adfjki ...)
- at least one letter uppercase (ABC...)
- at least one number (123456...)
- the new password must differ on at least five characters from the previous one and furthermore, there must be at least one character in it which was not found in the previous password

  • DO NOT use Scandinavian characters Å å Ä ä Ö ö
  • DO NOT use other special characters because they usually cause problems in the external services (for example print service).
  • Avoid passwords based on repetition, dictionary words, letter or number sequences, usernames, or biographical information like names or dates.
  • DO NOT use only one number (such as placing the number one on the end of a word); this is common and easily guessed.
  • DO NOT leave a written copy of your password anywhere near your computer.
  • Your password should be easy to remember but hard to guess.
  • A weak password will be locked to prevent unauthorized use.
  • DO NOT use the same password in other connections.

Examples of strong passwords:

The passwords below are examples that follow guidelines for a strong password. Since these passwords have been publicly published, they should never be used verbatim.

  • 4pRteai3 — mixes uppercase, lowercase, and numbers
  • Tp4tci2s4U2g — built from a phrase that a user can memorize: "The password for (4) this computer is too (2) strong for you to (4U2) guess" — mixes types of character as well
  • BBslwys90 — loosely based on a phrase that a user can memorize: "Big Brother is always right (right angle = 90°)!" — mixes types of character as well.
  • tDI60Hs7Q — characters selected from two stanzas by different methods from a page randomly selected using a 10-sided die.

Examples of weak passwords:

  • Default passwords: password, default, admin
  • Dictionary words: chameleon, Red Sox, sandbags
  • Wordlist with numbers: password1, deer2000, john1234
  • Wordlist with simple obfuscation: pssw0rd, l33th4x0r, g0ldf1sh
  • Wordlist doubled: crabcrab, stopstop, treetree
  • Sequences: qwerty, 12345678, euidhtns


Last updated: 14.2.2017