IT Helpdesk

You can turn to the IT Helpdesk in all the matters which are related to the IT services of the University.


IT services for researchers

IT Administration Services have got a group which has specialised in IT support services for research and offers services to all the researchers and research groups of the university.


Service breaks

The exceptions of the office hours of IT Helpdesks and the service breaks of systems can be seen in the web.


Contact us

Email: helpdesk@oulu.fi | Telephone: 0294 483 080 | Text chat.

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Self-services and e-Identification

By using self-services, you can check the status of your username and can set a password for it. You can also set a mobile number or activate an OTP application for VPN use. Suomi.fi e-Identification of the public administration is used in these self-services.


What is a good password?

At the beginning of March 2018 a new practice will come into force: the password must be at least 12 and no more than 32 characters long. It consists of upper and lower-case letters and numbers, but the Scandinavian letters cannot be used and the special characters cause problems.



Several webstores for people in the University to separate purposes: additional quota for printing from Canon's webstore, program licences, Sports Pass and 24/7 campus access card from University webstore, programs from Kivuto webstore, products from University's brand store or gifts store.



Usein Kysytyt Kysymykset -listan kärjessä on kysymys, mitä tehdä, kun salasana on unohtunut tai se ei kelpaa. Tutustu itsepalveluihin, joissa voit asettaa uuden salasanan ja tarkistaa tunnuksesi tilan.