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Office 365 for Education

Student email is part of Office 365 Services

Student email service of University of Oulu in Paju server has been replaced with Office 365 service. Office 365 for Education (O365) will offer our students a free Outlook email, but also free cloud services like Office Web Apps applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Lync), calendar and SkyDrive Pro. Since autumn 2014 O365 users have right to install Office software into their workstations and mobile devices too. Read the news.

The O365 service is available for all the students, but one has to activate the service oneself. Read about actions how to accept terms of use and how to activate the service in section "User's actions".


Changes in a nutshell

Email service of Paju server has ended on 31 October, 2013 and this had effects on all the students. Read more about those changes on page Changes in a nutshell.

User's actions


Read first terms of use by Microsoft Ltd. Then use your account (paju/koivu) to read the terms of use for Office 365 Online Service provided by University of Oulu.

a) You will activate the service -> User actions
b) You don't activate the service -> User actions



Email service of Paju server has ended on 31 October, 2013. Webmail and Pine of Paju server are not in use any more. If you have not copied your old emails from Paju and you need them, please contact Helpdesk.

-> Paju email transfer (The transfer window is not open any more. If you need to transfer emails from Paju, please contact Helpdesk.)

Any questions, problems?

If you meet problems with logging into O365 service after activation and one-hour wait, first check out your username for the service. No other email addresses are accepted as a username.

We have listed frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the O365 guidelines page. If you cannot find a solution there, please contact our Helpdesk.


Read more: description of the register, terms of use, changes in a nutshell, user actions, Paju email transfer, guidelines



Last updated: 11.9.2014
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