Your password is valid for 180 days, half a year. You get an email note before expiration. If you do not change the password during that period, it will expire and the account will be locked. In that case, activate the account (= set a new password) in a self-service.

Can't login with your account?

If your login failed, the most typical reason is that your password has been expired:
-> Set a new password in a self-service. Information: Self-service and authetication | Link to the service: Password

In some external systems Scandinavian characters and special characters cause problems in login phase:
-> Change your password and obey these instructions: What is a good password?

Changing the password

If you have forgotten the password or it has been expired:

-> Set a new password in a self-service, which uses e-Identification. Information: Self-service and authetication | Link to the service: Password -> choose I don't know my password
-> You can also come to our Helpdesk in Linnanmaa to get a new password. Please notice, that we never give passwords by email, phone or chat.

If you know the existing password:

-> Change your password in a self-service. Link to the service: Password -> choose I remember my old password
-> When you are logged on Windows computers which are for student use and maintained by IT Services, you can change the password by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys.
-> You can change the password also accessing through SSH and typing command passwd.

If you have multiple accounts, e.g. student and staff accounts, changing the password in another changes it for both. So the system changes your password for every system at once. Notice, that the complete changing process to all services might take up to one hour.

NOTE: If you are using eduroam in your mobile device, remove the eduroam profile first. Then change your password. After that, create a new eduroam profile into mobile device using your new password.

Remember, the account is for personal use only. IT Administration Services never asks your password.

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Last updated: 18.10.2017