Computers for student use

The self-study workstations are in your use on both campuses according to the office hours of the facilities.


Computer classrooms

The computer classrooms have been meant primarily for teaching use but you may use the computers for self-studying when the classroom is open and there is no teaching reservation at that time.


Computing and programming servers

IT Administration Services offers opportunity for students and researchers to use capacity and software of Unix/Linux servers for computing and programming tasks.



There are devices of the Canon printing service around the university, those all are in your use. The devices that have been meant mainly for the students' use have also been marked on the maps of IT Services.

Wireless network

You can utilise the wi-fi connections of the University using your own devices. Secured eduroam and public panOULU are in your use.

IT Services on map

IT Helpdesk, self-study workstations, computer classrooms and printers for students' use are marked on the maps.