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Funding 2014

Infotech Oulu organization

The University of Oulu provided special funding of EUR 400 000 for Infotech Oulu in 2014. About 75% of this was directed to support for the best research groups based on the evaluation results. For the year 2014, EUR 1 020 000 was granted by the University of Oulu to 34 student positions of Infotech Oulu Doctoral Program.  The University of Oulu granted an additional EUR 100 000 for funding its courses and coordination. The total funding from the University of Oulu was EUR 1 520 000 for 2014. The table below shows the funding from the University of Oulu in 2014, excluding any funding that the research groups may have been awarded in their own right.

Funding from the University of Oulu


special funding to Infotech Oulu

400 000

doctoral student positions

1 020 000

doctoral program; courses, coordination

100 000


1 520 000


Research groups

The research groups are mainly funded externally. The total sum of annual external funding for the research groups was EUR 14.7 million in 2014. Only about a quarter of the research work is financed through internal funding in the form of salaries of professors, research assistants, etc., excluding their estimated time used for teaching. The main source of financial support is Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, representing almost half of our external funding.

The following table shows the total external funding of the research groups in 2014.



Academy of Finland

3 987 000


6 747 000

other domestic public

842 000

domestic private

891 000


2 206 000


14 673 000



Last updated: 28.10.2015