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Download oulu.fi SSL certificate


If you choose not to install the certificate, a warning message will appear everytime Outlook 2007 is opened.

Setup Guide

When you open Outlook 2007 for the first time, the Startup Wizard will appear. The Startup Wizard walks you through the steps of setting up an email account. If the Startup Wizard does not launch at startup, you can create a new email account by following these steps:

Select Outlook's Tools menu, then Account Settings (Figure 1).

-- Figure 1 --

The next window, click on the New button to add a new email account (Figure 2).

-- Figure 2 --

Choose 'Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP' as your email service.

Click the Next button (Figure 3).

-- Figure 3 --

Add New E-mail Account-window

Manually configure server settings or additional server types check box

and press the Next [next] button. (Fig. 4).

-- Figure 4 --

The next window, select e-mail service. Internet E-mail -point has been pre-selected, continue pressing the Next button (Fig. 5).

-- Figure 5 --

IMAP settings

Internet e-mail settings window, a new email account the important settings.

Account setup requires the following information

User Information , 'enter your name and e-mail address.
- Paju, e-mail address is paju account name @ mail.student.oulu.fi
- Koivu e-mail address is firstname.lastname @ oulu.fi.

Server Information - Account Type - IMAP.

Incoming mail server
-- Paju, paju.oulu.fi
-- Koivu, cc.oulu.fi.

Outgoing mail servers SMTP are different for each ISP. You may need to change your SMTP server in order to send mail from your ISP connection.

Here's a list of smtp servers by ISP

1. University network: paju.oulu.fi or cc.oulu.fi
2. University broadband connections: paju.oulu.fi or cc.oulu.fi
3. CampusBaana: smtp.dnainternet.net
4. panoulu: mail.panoulu.net
5. Sonera's broadband: mail.inet.fi

Note: If using a laptop at home and at the University, you'll have to change smtp server information depending on your location.

Login information

User name: Paju or Koivu account name

Password: your Paju or Koivu password

Check remember password box

-- Figure 6 --

More options opens a General tab, here you can set up the account name. For example, name it Paju (Fig. 7).

Once you've written a name, select the next Advanced Tab (Fig. 8).

In this tab, choose use an encrypted connection from the drop-down menu SSL.

Port number is changed at the same time, 993.

Enter 'mail' for the Root folder path. Then press the OK button.

-- Figure 7 --

-- Figure 8 --

Press OK to return to the e-mail settings window (Fig. 6).

Press Test Account Settings to test your newly created email settings.. The program will then ask for email password.

When the account settings are correct, (Fig. 9), and you can continue to press the Next button.

-- Figure 9 --

Next, notice will be a very successful email account to create a (figure 10), you can put an end to Finish by pressing the [Finish] button.

-- Figure 10 --


After clicking finish, click Close. (see Figure 2), Enter a password and access the Outlook 2007's Inbox screen.

Please note that the account Inbox is reflected by the folder name on the left-hand side below (Fig. 11).

-- Figure 11 --

Outlook 2007: change email output to plain text (default is html). Select the menu at the top

Tools , and then point Options (Fig. 12).

-- Figure 12 --

Then, select Mail Format tab (Figure 13).

-- Figure 13 --

Options > Mail format, 'select Plain Text', and press the OK button.

Now your email accont is ready to use.