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Degree Program Requirement for Foreign Languages
You must complete 16 credits in one or two foreign languages. You may choose any one or two foreign languages to fulfil this requirement.  For more general information about the English courses see the text below.

First year courses

The first course which first year students should complete is Integrated Text and Business Studies.  This course is offered in the autumn term only.  In the spring term students can choose between Business Talk and Business Writing 1.

902132Y Integrated Text and Business Studies 2-4 op
902084Y Business Talk 2 op
902084Y Business Writing 1 Correspondence 2 op

Second year B2 level courses

902084Y Business Writing 1 Correspondence 2 op
902131A Business Writing 2 Management Issues 2 op
902090A Negotiations and Meetings 2 op
902093A Business Related Current Events 2 op
902125Y Presentation Skills 2 op

Third year C1 level courses

902092A World Issues and Negotiations 2 op
902114A Negotiating Across Cultures 2-3 op
902086A Introduction to Intercultural Communication 2 op
902091A Contract English 2 op

If you choose to take English as your Foreign Language requirement, (asetuksen vaatima pakollinen yhden vieraan kielen taito), you should begin with courses at the B2 level. See the descriptions of the courses; the levels B2 and C1 are specified in the course descriptions. 

When you have passed 4 credits at B2 level, your field-related English ability can be said to be at the level required by your degree program and you can continue studying English or focus on another foreign language to fulfil the 16 credit requirement in foreign languages which is stipulated by your degree program.

HONORS English
To get a Honors English notation on your Master’s Diploma, you must complete the following two requirements: 1. You must complete 12 credits of English, four of which are at a C1 level, four of which are at a B2 level and the remaining four credits can be at any level.   2. Your grade point average in the 12 required credits/ops must be at least 4.

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