Administration and economy

The institute director is responsible for the Kerttu Saalasti Institute administration. The executive board supports the director in operational activities.

In the Quality manual, the KSI's operations and quality assurance measures are described.

Majority of the institute financing is based on external funding outside the university. With some year-to-year variation, the funders are the Structural Funds and Framework Programmes of EU, the Academy of Finland (the Finnish expert organization on research funding), and TEKES (the Finnish funding agency for innovation). The financing from the University of Oulu comprises, in addition to basic funding, strategic and investment funding. Over the years, the EU structural funds have formed the most significant part of financing. The funding roles of the municipalities and subregions in the region as well as the Federal of Education in Jokilaaksot  JEDU (particularly in acquisition of equipment particularly in the ELME laboratory) have been very essential.

Last updated: 18.1.2018