Student services

KSI provides student services free of charge for university students. The services are meant to all university students living in the Oulu South region regardless of their home university and level of accomplishes studies. For the time being, student services are only offered in our main office in Nivala.

Services available:

  1. General study counselling Additional information about distance learning opportunities in the Oulu South region. Counselling on getting back on track after a break in studies.
  2. Distance examination opportunities An opportunity to take an exam in courses related to university studies (including maturity test) provided that the own university department approves taking distance exams.
  3. Thesis and PhD student discussion circles Informal discussion about issues related to working on the (bachelor’s / master’s / PhD) thesis. Every participant may bring up personally or generally relevant issues.


Student services contact persons:

Project Secretary Eija Korjonen (general study counselling and distance exams) E-mail: eija.korjonen (at), tel. + 358 (0)400 919 332

Project Researcher Harri Jokela (general study counselling and graduation work discussion circles) E-mail: harri.jokela (at), tel. + 358 (0)40 826 1444

Last updated: 4.1.2017