Oulu Southern Institute of the University of Oulu to represent Finland in Astro Particle Physics European Consortium

Oulu Southern Institute (OSI) has been approved as a member in the Astro Particle Physics European Consortium (APPEC), which co-ordinates the research of Astroparticle physics in Europe. APPEC is an expert organization providing a roadmap and recommendations for the large scale astroparticle physics experiments in European level. APPEC also organizes scientific conferences and facilitates discussions for building international collaborations.

In the capacity of the representative of Finland, OSI participates in APPEC’s work, promotes the research in the field and shares information about APPEC’s activities to Finnish research groups or researchers for example in the universities of Oulu, Jyväskylä, Turku and Helsinki.

Astroparticle physics includes, for example, the study of cosmic rays, neutrinos or the dark matter of the universe. Cosmic rays have been researched in the University of Oulu already since 1970s and the Pyhäsalmi Mine, which is located in the Oulu Southern region, has hosted a high angle resolution muon observatory since 1990s. The newly started Callio Lab in Pyhasalmi mine has it’s deepest laboratory space at 1.43 km depth below surface and it hosts currently a C14 experiment for detecting ultra low concentrations of radioactive isotopes in scintillation liquids, which are used in neutrino experiments.


Last updated: 29.6.2016