EdGlo - Master's Degree Programme in Education and Globalisation


NEWS: Learn more about the EdGlo program -join our free webinar on 14th of October, 2015.

  • Are you interested in learning about global education policy, education systems and curricula, quality, ethics and leadership?

  • Would you like to study in an international Master’s degree

  • Do you want to hear what it feels like to study in the ‘EdGlo’ program from a current student?

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Professional foundations of the programme
  • Introduction to interculturalism, globalisation and their effects on Education
  • What it feels like to study in a multicultural group and live in Oulu

Please sign up for the webinar from here! |

Results of the student selection 2015. This year, the application process  was particularly competitive, and we would like to thank all our applicants. |

Meet the Alumni Ambassadors Elena and David | EdGlo: a springboard to intl jobs in education and development (Oulu Chamber of Commerce, page 81) |

MA in Education and Globalisation

  • International Master's programme with 170 students and alumni from 56 countries. Students will acquire international experience and exposure by interacting and networking with fellow-students and lecturers from around the world
  • Focuses on ethics, policy, planning, curriculum, evaluation and comparative research in education.
  • Emphasises North-South-East-West dialogue and includes studies in international education, interculturalism and globalisation.
  • Full-time studies for two academic years (120 ECTS credits), major subject: Education, degree awarded: MA (Education), language of instruction: English
  • Prerequisites for applicants: Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent higher education degree) and English language proficiency
  • Future career in public, private or civil society sector e.g.: project leader, coordinator, educational consultant,  evaluator, researcher, teacher, administrator
  • Graduates are eligible to continue at doctoral level
  • Annual application deadline: end of January


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BROCHURE: in English, in Russian

The University of Oulu has been awarded the ECTS Label. The label is given to institutions which have shown excellence in applying the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and which have shown commitment and ability to demonstrate that their teaching and learning are transparent and facilitate the recognition of studies and qualifications.

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