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Publication information and international visits 2017

The Oulun yliopiston tutkii database (SoleCRIS) contains information about ca. 2200 publications published in 2017. Please use this form to report to the library any publications published in 2016 that were left out of last year’s collection and publications published in 2017. To make it possible for the library to enter this year's publication information into the database by the end of the year, please submit your publication information as soon as possible and no later than 15 December 2017. Alternatively, the researchers themselves can also enter the missing information into the database by 31 December 2017. You can use the same form to submit your publications for self-archival into the University’s open access repository Jultika.

Since the Library also imports publication information directly from reference databases, you are advised to first check whether your publication already exists in the Oulun yliopisto tutkii database.

International visits

Members of the University community are kindly requested to enter information about visits that have taken place in 2017 into the Oulun yliopisto tutkii database by 20 January 2018.

Visits by the University’s own staff abroad and visits by foreign staff to the University of Oulu are recorded. Only visits involving research work or teaching are considered visits. Visits lasting a minimum of 5 working days are registered as short visits, those lasting 30 days or longer as long visits. The data are collected into the Ministry of Education and Culture's databank, and used as indicators of international activity in the Finnish education administration's reporting portal Vipunen – Education Statistics Finland. The Ministry uses the data when evaluating the internationalisation of universities.

Additional information in Notio: Publication register

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Last updated: 21.11.2017