Register description

Register description for the Oulun yliopisto tutkii database


University of Oulu
Pentti Kaiteran katu 1

Person responsible for the register 

Chief Librarian
Oulu University Library
tel. +358 294 483500

Name of register 

Oulun yliopisto tutkii database

Purpose of the register 

The purpose of this database is to create the statistical reports necessary for the evaluation and development of the University and the activities of its departments, as well as to provide data for external reporting purposes. The goal is to centralise the popularisation of science and also make it more efficient, as well as to better serve the needs of both researchers and the media.

Contents of the register 

Expert information

Name and contact information, person number (personal information system), gender, nationality, academic degree, the year when the degree was awarded, major subject, minor subjects, language skills, valid employment relationships, department/subject, docentships, field of research, fields of expertise, information resources handed over, picture, last date of validity for the basic service ID

Publication information
Authors of the publication, title of publication, bibliographical data

Information on expert tasks
Scientific presentations and posters, activities related to scientific conferences, activities related to scientific publishing, scientific management and expert tasks (leadership of scientific societies or networks, tasks relate to graduate schools, leadership of scientific projects, research teams or programmes, scientific expert tasks), statements, impacts on society

Information  on teaching merits
Education on university pedagogy, demonstration lessons, supervision of theses, awards or prizes for teaching merits

Information on visits abroad, artistic activities and international conferences organised

Organisational information
University faculties, departments, units, subject areas, laboratories, independent departments

Regular sources of information 

The persons themselves, the personal information system of the University of Oulu

Regular disclosure of information 

The information in the register can be viewed through a web browser interface. Information is not disclosed regularly from the database.

Register protection principles

The contents of the register is stored in electronic format only. When transferred on the web, the information is protected with SSL technology. The server equipment is located in secure machine hall facilities with access control and security. The data is backup copied every night. Access to the database containing the register information is restricted using both network technology and user IDs and passwords. Only the main users of the system have register administration rights. Information related to the activities is administered by the persons verifying the publication information at the Library, the departmental contact persons and the users themselves. The visibility of the personal information of other people is restricted according to the roles of the users.


Last updated: 27.8.2012