My expert information

On the My information / Internal experts page you can view and edit your internal expert page, which shows your most significant expert information, such as contact information and fields of expertise. Any publications, expert tasks and other merits submitted to the database will be listed on your information page as well.

Information page 

Editing expert information 

Information page

Go to your information page by selecting My information from the main menu. Other users will find your page through an expert or publication search.

Expert information

Information displayed on this page includes

  • Picture
  • Name and academic degree
  • Employment periods (can be hidden)
  • Fields of expertise
  • Language skills
  • Telephone, GSM, e-mail, web site and reception hours
  • Publications, expert tasks, teaching merits, visits and artistic activities

The expert information is displayed so that your basic information, such as your name, employment relationships and contact information, is displayed first. Your fields of expertise are displayed in the middle of the page. Publications and other submitted work is listed under the basic information.

Linking to expert information

There is a Short link to this page function on the expert page that allows you to create a shorter https link. This is used for linking the information outside the system. You can for example put a link to your information page on your personal website. You can also link to a single record, such as the information of a particular publication, using the Direct link function.

Publications list

Publications, expert tasks, teaching merits, visits and artistic activities are listed at the bottom of your information page. You can view your work by clicking on the plus sign next to each section. This opens a list of your work.

By clicking on, e.g., an expert task you can view the description of the task in question. From the expert task information view you can further go to an editing page to supplement or correct the information on the task.

Please note that you can no longer edit the information of a publication after its bibliographical data has been verified at the Library.

Editing expert information

Edit your information by clicking on the Move to edit page button.

Some of the expert information, such as name and emploment periods, comes directly from the University personal information system upon login. Other information will be added on the edit page by the persons themselves. Make sure your expert information is up to date and update it when it changes.

When you go to the edit page you will see a form. Red fields are mandatory.

Employment periods at the University

The Employment periods field shows your present employment relationships. The data comes from the personal information system. Click on the employment relationship to see the Internal expert’s internal organisations edit page. In the “Visible to public” field you can select whether your employment relationships will be visible to other users.

Fields of expertise

You must add your areas of expertise in both English and Finnish. Click on the arrow icon in front of the name of the field and add e.g. terms describing your fields of research in the pop-up window that opens.

Information resources handed over

You must write the name of the information resources you have handed over in the first field, and their URL in the second. Information resources handed over refers to research material that the researcher has handed over to be used for scientific research, e.g. to the Finnish Social Science Data Archive.


In the Publicity field you can define the publicity of your expert information. By selecting YES you agree to display your information on the website of the University of Oulu, i.e., your expert information will be visible to all users of the database. By selecting NO you will hide your expert information from other users.

Please note that even if you deny the publishing of your expert information, the information on any publications, expert tasks, etc. that you have submitted can still be seen by everyone.

Adding a photo

  1. Click on Picture at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on Browse... in the File field and select an image file that you wish to upload from your computer.
  3. Click Save.
  4. When the image file has been saved, the system returns to the edit page and the text Kuva will appear in the Picture field.
  5. Click on Save changes in basic information at the bottom of the page.
  6. The photo you have added is now displayed on your information page. If you want to change the photo, see Deleting/changing the photo.

If you cannot add a photo or the photo you uploaded looks distorted, make sure that the picture meets the following criteria:

  • Minimum size 120x60 pixels
  • Maximum file size one megabyte (1 MB)
  • Vertical images with a common aspect ratio (e.g. 600x800, 768x1024, etc.) are displayed best.

Deleting/changing the photo

  1. You must remove the old photo before you can change it to a new one. After that you can add a new picture as instructed in the Adding a photo section.
  2. Click on Picture at the bottom of the page.
  3. The image file you added earlier is displayed under the name Picture. Click on the icon.
  4. Select Delete on the page that opens. Confirm deletion by selecting Yes.
  5. If you want to add a new picture, follow the instructions in the Adding a photo section.
  6. If you do not want to add a picture, select Back to input form or continue using the system from the main menu.

Last updated: 24.9.2012