Searching for information

Searching for information by name
When you search for an expert by name, only write his/her family name in the Name field of the search form.

General information on searching for information


Searching for an expert


Searching for a publication


Some notes on the search function

General information on searching for information

You can search for information submitted to the database using the different search functions in the main menu. There are several search functions, because the database contains very different types of information (experts, units, publication information, expert tasks, etc.) You can narrow your search to the kind of information you are looking for using the different search forms. You can also conduct a free text search, which means that the information is searched from all data in the database. If you use this, the search result lists can be very long.

You can begin the search by selecting a suitable search function from the main menu. When a search form opens, you must write your search term in the appropriate field and/or narrow the search by selecting appropriate search criteria from e.g. a drop-down menu. Examples can be found at sections Searching for experts or Searching for publications.

In the List publications section you can make different kinds of lists of the publication information using different criteria: By the name of the publication in alphabetical order, by author, unit (hierarchy) or keyword.

Search for publications, expert tasks, teaching merits, visits, artistic activities or information on international conferences organised by departments of the University of Oulu.

List publications
List publications using different criteria: in alphabetical order or by author, unit (hierarchy) or keyword.

Search for experts and units
Search for experts and units of the University of Oulu (faculties, departments and independent departments).

Search from all (free text search)
Use the free text search if you do not know exactly what you are searching for or you wish to conduct a search from several sections at once.


Searching for experts

1. First select Search experts and units and then Expert in the main menu.

2. This opens the expert search form.

3. Enter a search term and/or select criteria and click Execute search. You can use several search criteria:

a) Enter a field of research or expertise wholly or part of it in the Search for field.

b) Enter the person’s family name or a part of it, e.g. virta in the Name field (the system truncates the search term automatically). The search returns all persons whose family name is Koskivirta, Virta, Virtanen, etc.

c) You can search for the entire staff of a particular unit of the University by selecting the name of the unit from the Select the unit drop-down menu.

4. By clicking on the name of the expert in the search result list you will be transferred to the information/read-only page of the expert in question. There you can view his/her contact information, publications, expert tasks, etc.

5. Return to the search results by clicking the Back to previous page button.


Searching for a publication

1. Select Search from the main menu and click on Publication.

2. This opens the publication search form.

3. Enter the search term and/or select search criteria. You can use several search criteria:

a) Enter the subject you are searching for in the Search for field, or conduct a search directly using the name of the author by entering the last name of the person in question in the Authors field.

b) You can narrow down the search by selecting a specific type of publication, e.g. monographs. You can also search from a specific department, in which case the search only returns publications from the department you have selected.

c) Combine search criteria when necessary.

4. Finally, click Execute search.

5. The publication information returned by the search is presented on four lines: The name of the publication, authors, type of publication and publication year. Click on the publication in order to see more detailed information on it.

6. You can also move to the information of the expert or unit by clicking on the name of the person/unit, which functions as a link. Return to the search results by clicking the Back to previous page button.

You can link to the record from outside the database with the URL of the record. You can display the shortened URL in the address field of the browser window by clicking on Short link to this page.

Some notes on the search functions

The system truncates the search terms automatically. No separate truncation marks are used. You should enter the search terms in such a form that possible inflections are included in the search. For instance, tiedonhaku should be entered as tiedonha.

When you list your search by subject, the search results might not contain all the publications that deal with the topic in question, because all publications may not be submitted to the database with descriptors. If a descriptor listing only returns a small amount of results, you should perhaps try the publication search (Search / Publication), where the search includes the name of the publication as well.

If you cannot find an expert using the expert search, or the expert’s name is not displayed as a link in the publication info, this could be due to several factors: a) The expert is no longer employed at the University of Oulu, or b) the expert has prohibited his/her expert information from being published.

Last updated: 24.9.2012