Entering publication information

Oulu University Library imports once a month publication data from the Web of Science database to the Oulun yliopisto tutkii database. Because of this, it is advisable to first check your own list of publications in the Oulun yliopisto tutkii database before entering a new publication. To view your own publications, select "My information" and "Publications". If the list of publications is long, the easiest way to view your most recently published work is to select "Show most recent (1 year)". You can also search for individual publications with the search function.

The data imported from Web of Science are visible in the Oulun yliopiston tutkii database only after the library has reviewed them. Due to this it may be impossible to enter a new publication as it already exists in the database.

Since the data of all publications are not available in WoS, the authors are still responsible for the submission of the required information on their own publications to the database.

You can submit the publication information using the Jurita form or alternatively you can enter the publication information by yourself.

Last updated: 30.5.2017